Mass Sick Time Law – UPDATE

Just this week, the Massachusetts Attorney General issued a ruling that gives some employers until January 1 to comply with the new sick leave law?  But, this extension doesn’t apply to all companies.

If your business already offers all employees at least 30 hours of paid time off that can be used for sick time, you don’t have to comply with the new law until January 1, 2016.  But, if you do not offer 30 hours of paid time off, you must take steps to get into compliance by January 1.  In addition, if you offer some employees sick time but don’t offer it to everyone (for example, no sick time for part-timers), you have to have a plan in place to offer all employees protected sick time before July 1.

While the Attorney General’s action seems like a benefit to employers, the reality is that all employers still need to make sure they offer sufficient sick time (unpaid if you have fewer than 11 employees and paid if you have 11 or more employees) on or before July 1, 2015.

If you would like help reviewing your paid time off polices and ensuring you are in compliance with the new law, please contact Bill Hoch to discuss this matter.