EmCo’s Billing Options

EmCo wants you to be happy with all aspects of our relationship.  Not only must EmCo provide you with the best quality work, you should be billed in a way that meets your business needs.  Because different companies want different billing arrangements, EmCo offers multiple ways for you to purchases services.  Most importantly, payment arrangements will be in writing and fully discussed so there are no surprises.

For discrete projects, EmCo can negotiate a set project fee.  With a set fee, EmCo will make sure it is very clear what work is expected and what the deliverable will be.  With on-going consulting projects and legal counsel, EmCo will propose an hourly billing structure.  But, hourly billing doesn’t mean you can’t control the budget.  EmCo will set guide-points (either monetary or time based) at which we can discuss the budget.  Further, there may be points at which you want to switch to a fixed fee for certain parts of a project.  EmCo can structure projects with both fixed and hourly portions.  

Finally, for clients with a regular need for HR consulting and employment law services, EmCo offers blocks of time that you can pre-pay at a discounted rate.   For example, you may want to purchase 20 hours of service to get you through a particularly difficult employee problem or to help your staff establish a compliant absence management/ADA accommodation program.  By pre-paying, you will fix your cost at a discounted rate but have the flexibility to apply EmCo’s services over time as needed.  If you don’t need the entire block of time, your unused fee will be returned.  

EmCo will work with you to craft a payment program so we can provide you services in a manner that fits your budget.