For Employees

With EmCo founder Bill Hoch’s in-house experience, he can offer valuable advice to people trapped in a bad work relationship or people who are being forced out of a job.  Bill’s experience  gives him insight into how companies and managers view these types of situations and can provide you with ideas for how to resolve your dilemma or negotiate your exit.  You will be in a better position to negotiate if you are fully advised of your rights as an employee and conscious of your employer’s point of view.

EmCo’s approach to employment disputes focuses on reaching practical and swift outcomes. Ultimately, most people don’t want to get involved in a multi-year lawsuit with an employer. Even if you win the initial suit, your company can bring multiple appeals to challenge the award.  Because of this, most cases eventually settle.  So, if your goal is to get to a realistic resolution of your situation now, EmCo can help you reach this point.

If you ultimately decide that you want to sue your employer, EmCo will help you identify the right employment litigator, who will match your personality, style, and goals, to accept your case.