Recruiting and Hiring

When you are looking to hire a new employee, you need to consider what background checks are necessary.  Do your employees work closely with children or the elderly?  Do they drive for work?  Do they go into people’s homes?  Do they handle money or valuables?  Depending on the type of work, you may want to conduct a criminal history check, a sexual offender registry check, drug testing, personality testing, an education or job history review, or other types of background checks.  If you do, you need to make sure your hiring process complies with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and related state laws.  Once hired, you need to make sure you are properly and promptly completing the federal I-9 immigration forms.

EmCo can help you review your company’s needs to determine what level of background check you should do before hiring a new employee.  EmCo can also review your entire on-boarding process to make sure you are following best practices and complying with federal immigration laws.

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