For Employers

You probably did not start your business because you wanted to manage a workforce.  You are in business because you have a passion for what you do.   When at work, you probably don’t relish drafting policies, training your managers how to manage people, investigating misconduct, firing an employee, or responding to letters from lawyers.  Luckily, Bill Hoch started EmCo Consulting, LLC to do this work for you.  EmCo provides employment law counsel and human resources compliance consulting to businesses.  Bill has a passion for resolving HR dilemmas and loves helping companies succeed by successfully managing its workforce.

EmCo will be your partner addressing HR in your workforce.   EmCo offers a full range of employment law and consulting services that track the life of your employees.  Whether you are on-boarding new hires, creating policestraining managers, managing performance and attendance, or investigating employee misconduct, EmCo has the experience to efficiently provide you these services at a cost that meets your needs.  Further, should you ever need to exit an employee from your business, EmCo can advise on a strategy to smoothly effect the transition and minimize your exposure to litigation.   For companies that are already actively managing HR issues, EmCo offers compliance reviews to ensure your practices are up to date with industry and regulatory standards.

After almost 20 years practicing employment law, 15 years of which was working in-house partnering with human resources on a daily basis, Bill understands that you would rather pursue your business passion than address employee problems.  EmCo can help reduce the burden of managing your workforce to free you to run your business.